“wild women don’t worry, wild women don’t have no blues”

- Ida Cox



Hi I’m Kylie, a yoga teacher based in Santa Barbara, California. I fancy fine wines, plants, Indian food and neards (neck beards). After a decade of studying various yogic traditions, I have settled on one truth: there is no right or wrong way to practice yoga if you are on a personal path towards growth. Yes, alignment is important, but with consistent practice self-awareness will come naturally.

My experience with the practice has allowed me to reach new depths in my own personal relationships and has completely transformed the way I engage with the world. By connecting body with spirit, you begin to tune in to the subtle aspects of yourself and trust your intuition. My hope is to help you cultivate the tools to experience a more effortless way of being. Open up to your wild side!


Private Yoga

Private yoga is perfect for beginners or advanced yogis & yoginis who want to work on their technique with one-on-one instruction. Or for those who want the benefits of yoga in a more intimate environment. Practice in your preferred setting (home, beach, park or studio).

I will work with you to develop a personal practice that achieves both your spiritual and wellness potentials.

Special Events

Curate a unique event experience. I work with Wedding Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, Corporate Retreats, Festivals and more.

I also offer silent disco yoga with Yoga Dance Magic!

Corporate Yoga

Corporate yoga programs offer employers a unique opportunity to bring wellness into the workplace at a low cost. Research shows that wellness programs save companies money on health expenses, increase worker productivity, reduce sick leave and boost the overall vibe!

Change up your daily routine at work to stimulate creative thinking, improve poor posture and promote mindfulness in the workplace. I offer weekly yoga sessions, and yoga for corporate retreats and team building.

For rates & availability please email me kyliewagneryoga@gmail.com


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